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Individual & Family Estate Planning

Creating a legacy is unique to each person and family. To achieve one’s legacy, you may want to protect assets to provide for family and beneficiaries, to create devices to take care of special needs of spouse, son, daughter or grandchild, to help with education expenses, and to protect your plan from things that may change in the future.

Tools people use in for this planning include Trusts, Last Wills, Special Need Trusts, Protective Trusts, Education Trusts, IRA Trusts, Pet Provision Trusts, and Payable/Transfer on Death.

Succession and Long-Term Care Planning

Estate Planning includes careful creation of plans for Business Succession Planning; Farm property, equipment, livestock, and crop planning to help the farming family keep farming; and proactive structures and plans to take care of family members in case of a need for long-term care.

Estate, Trust, & Probate Administration

Inevitably, people die. It is never easy emotionally. What we want to do is help you keep the logistics from adding an unnecessary burden to the necessary duties of settling an estate. We assist with review of the descendant’s estate and how planning, or lack of planning, dictates possible options. We bring more than 50 years of experience, collectively, in estate administration. Let our experience lighten the weight of these responsibilities.

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