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Living Trusts and Other Trusts

Living Trusts and Other Trusts

A Living Trust-Centered Estate Plan

  1. documents that read Living Trust & Estate PlanningProvides in-home health care instructions which can someday help avoid unnecessary placement in a nursing home.
  2. Provides continuity in the handling of your affairs by more efficiently transferring your property to your loved ones.
  3. Fully avoids probate upon your death, helps to reduce after-death administrative expenses, and avoids court conservatorship and guardianship upon your disability, as to all assets that are in the trust.
  4. Provides prenuptial protection for your spouse and children and in the event your surviving spouse chooses to remarry after your death, it can help assure that your estate passes to your children, and not the new spouse.
  5. Easily moves with you from state to state.
  6. Helps to achieve earlier Medicaid Eligibility and to avoid a spend-down due to a long-term catastrophic illness and nursing home costs.
  7. Creates trusts for your loved ones that are free from the supervision of the probate court.
  8. Is difficult for disgruntled heirs to attack.
  9. Helps to assure family’s privacy following your disability or death.
  10. Provides comfort to your loved ones during their period of grief and spares them any unnecessary emotional or financial hardship should you become incapacitated or at the time of your death.
  11. Helps assure that your estate assets will pass to the individuals of your choice.
  12. Passes assets more quickly to your loved ones upon your death, avoiding some of the delays, hassles, and paperwork involved in the probate process.

Special Trusts

  • Protective Trust – can help make sure monies left to children will stay with the children
  • Spray Trust – children receive their money over a period of years
  • Spend-Thrift Trust – protect child who is not a good manager of money
  • Special Needs Trust – provide for disabled child so there’s no loss of Medicaid or SSDI benefits
  • Dependency Disorder Trust – protect child and their legacy if concerned about alcoholism, gambling addiction or drugs
  • Minor’s Trust – make gifts to young children or grandchildren
  • Grandchildren’s Trust – money passed to grandchildren is invested and managed by someone else until grandchild reaches 25 or other specified age
  • Education Trust – set some money aside for grandchildren’s future
  • IRA Trust – protect and stretch IRA so it doesn’t get taxed right away upon death
  • Farm Trust – keeps the farm in the family
  • Pet Trust – care for pets
  • Miller Trust – shelter income to qualify for Medicaid
  • Medicaid Trust – protect home or other assets from a spend-down
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