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Trust and Estate Administration

Trust and Estate Administration

Rice & Rice attorneys and staff bring nearly 100 years of experience to you at a time when you need it most. When you are facing an administration after the death of a spouse, loved-one, or friend, you want guidance through the logistics during what is an emotional time for many people.

Every type of administration has specific steps, timing issues, and nuances. Rice & Rice Attorneys brings experience to help you understand what options are available and how to navigate the administration process.

The specific administration you need will depend on what was done prior to the person’s passing as well as types, values, and ownership of assets. From Step 1 to closing of an estate, Rice & Rice Attorneys will find the appropriate, necessary, and most efficient, cost-effective way to handle the administration.

Whether the decedent had a will, trust, died intestate, or can avoid probate through a small estate claim, you can find the support you need to help you to work through the process.

For example, just because a person has a will, it may not be necessary to probate an estate. That determination can save thousands of dollars, time, and personal representative effort.

The first step in any administration is to take time, be deliberate, and do not over-react/over-commit. Our initial consultation for any administration is complimentary. So, put our experience to work for you right from the start.

Call our number (219) 255-5285 to set up a meeting at any of our offices.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you through this process.

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