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Rice & Rice – Estate Planning, Probate, Wills and Living Trusts Attorneys

For more than 40 years, Rice & Rice Attorneys of both Valparaiso & Lafayette, Indiana has focused its practice on Estate Planning and Living Trusts for its clients in Chicagoland, Northwest & Central Indiana and Michiana. Cliff and Donna Rice work with clients to establish a plan that serves their immediate and long-term needs as well as creating and preserving their legacy.

Because Rice & Rice chooses to work only on Estate Planning and related issues, it provides the opportunity to train, research and expand their knowledge in the latest rules, techniques and opportunities to create a plan to meet your specific needs.

There are many attorneys who can write a Living Trust, but Rice & Rice believes the Living Trust is a core part of a complete Estate Plan. There are a number of additional considerations that need to be included with a Living Trust to develop an Estate Plan which creates the legacy you want to leave for your heirs.

Rice & Rice bring the same compassion and commitment they have for their faith, family and community to you. You can take comfort you will have a quality experience you will want to share with others.

To get started, click the Upcoming Seminars/Dinner button to the left to join us for a complimentary dinner and presentation highlighting the keys to a good Estate Plan.

Estate Planning: It's more than just having a Will or Living Trust written. Learn more about how what sets a Rice & Rice Estate Plan apart from most plans

Living Trusts: A Revocable Living Trust is at the heart of a complete Estate Plan. What makes a good Living Trust? Follow the link to learn more.

Taxes, Probate, Fees: These are things a well-developed Estate Plan minimizes or avoids altogether. It is possible – and Rice & Rice can show you how.